Education, Language & Culture

The OKIB Education, Language and Culture department strives to include culture and language in our educational programming, ensuring our youth continue to hold this knowledge

Our Goals

We recognize it is important to create a solid foundation for education. Our goal is to continue increasing the number of grade 12 graduates and increase the number of students attending college or university. We will make every effort to assist students achieve their educational goals. The Education, Language and Culture department recognizes that it is extremely important that moral support, advisory services, and financial assistance be provided to Band members who want to further their education and training and who are eligible for post-secondary funding. Based on the availability of funds, every effort and provision will be made to assist Band members to successfully pursue and complete their educations.

Our Responsibilities

The OKIB Education, Language and Culture department is responsible for the snc’c’amala?tn Early Childhood Education Center (Daycare); nkmaplqs i snmamayatn ikl sqilxwtet Cultural Immersion School; the Language and Culture program; elementary and secondary school support services; and post-secondary funding and support services.


Transportation Q&A For Families With Kids Attending SD22

The BCTEA (BC Tripartite Education Agreement) is a joint transportation plan that will function as a service agreement between the Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) and the Board of Education of School District 22. School District No. 22 is responsible for the safety of all students while they are transporting them to and from SD22 schools and activities. There is an annual joint review and assessment of the joint plan for effectiveness and to identify any improvements.

The Board of Education and OKIB work together to identify transportation needs and services to get all nominal role students enrolled in SD22 to and from school, respecting parental choice of where to enroll their child to attend school.

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