Prayer and Resources – on behalf of the OKIB Youth Leadership Council

Prayer and Resources – on behalf of the OKIB Youth Leadership Council

way’ xast xusalt Relations,

Our community sits with a heavy heart right now. As the Youth Leadership Council, we feel a responsibility to speak to the hearts of the Youth in our community and those in kinship with us in surrounding communities, who are deeply impacted by the recent loss weighing heavily on so many.

As Youth, we feel this loss deeply. The loss of one sqilx’w is a loss of unspeakable magnitude. In these times, it’s crucial for our Youth kin to know that even though we may feel alone in this loss at moments, take those moments as opportunities to be in ceremony with your grief. Reflect on the medicine our friend brought into our lives—the good memories, the laughs, and the stories left behind. These will carry us through our times of sorrow.

We encourage you, if you need grounding, to go to the water, put down an offering, introduce yourself, call in your Helpers, and ask for your heart to be at peace. You are not alone when you are sqilx’w. The land is your kin, the water is your kin, and both share in your grief, ready to hold it.

Grief ushers us into a different way of being. As young as we are, this is something we are still learning. So, have grace as you journey alongside your grief. Understand that grief is a visitor in your life, not your identity. Some days it will subside, some days the pain will be manageable, and some days it will be overwhelming. But our community and our land are here for you. And we will never be turned away.

Go to the moving water, scream, cry, and release your grief. It will take care of it for you. Pray for peace, rest well, drink water, and take care of your heart.

You are important. You are important to this land, to your families, and to us as Youth. We need you, and we need you to be okay. Please reach out for support whenever you feel the need to.

If you need support from the community—whether it’s a smudging, prayers, or someone to accompany you to the water—please reach out to anyone you trust in our community. Alternatively, you can come to the Public Safety Office downstairs in the HOL Hall to ask for smudging or a safe space to be. It’s open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

With love and solidarity,

Youth Leadership Council

Here are some resources available to you: 

OKIB Mental Wellness: 

Call 250 241 4741 or email [email protected] to speak with an OKIB intake worker to help you find the right service.


Crisis Lines:

Adult/Elder Line: 250-723-4050

Child/Youth Line: 250-723-2040

BC Wide Toll Free:1-800-KUU-US17  (1-800-588-8717)

Métis Crisis Line: 1-833-MétisBC (1-833-638-4722)

Interior Crisis Line Network (24 hours): 1-888-353-2273

Mental Health Support Line (24 hours): 310-6789

BC Suicide Prevention Service (24 hours):1-800-Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Service: 9-8-8 (9-8-8 text option available)

Kids Help Phone is a partner of 9-8-8 (Text)

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