OKIB Youth Council

The Okanagan Indian Band Youth Council aims to help build the leaders of tomorrow through real world experiences today.

The Youth Council was formed for the following purposes:

  • Provide a way for S’yilx’ youth from OKIB to participate in the OKIB government to raise issues affecting S’yilx’ youth.
  • Promote the development of programs and services aimed at the social, cultural and community needs of OKIB youth.
  • Create opportunities that may provide positive change for OKIB youth as well as community through empowerment, culture, training and education.
  • Create and develop leadership skills for youth. (facilitate program)
  • Respect S’yilx’ culture, history, customs and traditions. As well as teach.
  • Provide a voice for OKIB youth to bring forward issues, barriers, and concerns that S’yilx’ youth may face.

Meet The Youth Council