Land Use Planning

This page contains information about the OKIB Land Use Planning activities.

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Land Use Plans Approved By Council

The Okanagan Indian Band has recently finalized our Phase 1 and Phase 2 Land Use Plans. These Plans outline our vision and guiding principles for land use on our community-held lands and are the result of extensive community engagement.

The Phase 1 Plan, which originally began in 2013, addresses land use on the community-held (Band) lands on the Okanagan 1, Okanagan 4 (Swan Lake) and Duck Lake 7 reserves, as well as the community’s private land holdings. During this initial phase it became clear that there were several areas on-reserve in which further community engagement and input was required. In 2018 the community began Phase 2 Land Use Plans which looked at two of these areas – the Goose Lake and Madeline Lake ranges. The goal of this new phase was to gain a better understanding of what community members want for these lands moving forward. Development and use of these sites has historically been and continues to be limited due to uncertainty resulting from the former use of the lands as military ranges, including incomplete information as to the potential presence of and location of Unexploded Ordinances and munitions scrap (UXOs) . However, when the ranges are confirmed as UXO-free, UXOs are cleaned up where necessary, and any other required remediation takes place, more opportunities will become available. The Phase 2 Plans help to provide clarity on what these opportunities may include.

The overall purpose for undertaking both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Land Use Plans was to:

  • Provide an opportunity for all community members to get involved in shaping the future use of our lands;
  • Identify areas for potential development and protection;
  • Provide greater clarity to the community about where various land uses should go; and
  • Help to determine infrastructure servicing requirements.

The final documents can be viewed at the link below. For further information regarding these Plans, please reach out the OKIB Lands Department as per the contact information below.