MOTI update on HWY 97 paving project


April 22, 2024

Ministry of Transportation Highway 97 Paving Project:

The Ministry of Transportation (MOTI) is currently undertaking a paving project on sections of Hwy 97, stretching from the Swan Lake junction to the Salmon River Bridge, adjacent to the Okanagan Indian Band IR31. The project aims to enhance road conditions and safety along the designated route.

The project involves a hot-in-place recycling operation within the existing MOTI right of way, focusing solely on driving lanes without any shoulder work.

Paving activities are scheduled from 7pm to 7am and will continue until the construction team reaches an area where traffic volume can be safely managed. Night work is scheduled to continue until Friday April 26, 2024. The estimated duration for completion of this phase is approximately two weeks, with the goal of reaching the Salmon River Bridge.

Your patience and understanding during this phase is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact:

Julie Richard

Territorial Stewardship Division

Referrals Management Clerk

(250) 542-7132

[email protected]

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