Logging Activity on McGregor FSR

Logging activity on McGregor FSR

Members, please be aware that there will be logging activity on the McGregor FSR over the coming months, starting as early as next week.

  • We plan on initiating the removal of trees along the roads accessing the area as early as next week using a Feller Buncher. We plan to fall the burnt danger trees within 1 to 1.5 tree lengths (approx. 30 m) on either side of the road to the top of McGregor Hill. All the wood will be utilized either as sawlog, pulp or biomass.
  • We plan to start the road maintenance/culvert work next week (Oct 12th or so) on McGregor Creek. We have an environmental management plan approved by a biologist that ensures that we are protecting the environment as best as possible. The biologist felt that the work completed will improve the crossing significantly.
  • We expect log hauling to commence during the week of October 23rd with completion by Christmas.

If the plan changes, we will be sure to notify you. If you have questions, please contact the Territorial Stewardship Division at 250-542-7132.

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