Algae bloom notice – Komasket Beach

Blue-green algal blooms can produce toxins that are harmful to people, pets and livestock. Algal blooms will sometimes make the water look like thick pea soup or paint, form floating clumps or scums, and may have strong, unpleasant odour. It is impossible to know if toxins are present in the water without testing.

There are reported presence of algae along the shoreline of Komasket Beach. We are advising users and visitors in the area be aware and follow the following precautions to minimize exposure to algal blooms toxins:

· Avoid all direct contact with the any algae bloom.

· Avoid swimming and other recreational activities that comes in contact with water in the areas where bloom is present.

· Do not consume drinking water directly from the lake.

· Keep pets and livestock out of the water.

· Avoid consuming fish or internal organs of fish that appear unhealthy.

If you have come in contact with the algae bloom, rinse your body with clean water as soon as possible. Symptoms of algae toxin exposure may include: nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, skin/eye irritation, fever, muscle or joint pain, respiratory symptoms, allergic reactions, and occasionally other severe health effects.

For more information:

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